Umbrella Digital offers many different website packages to meet different needs. In addition to the packages below, we can create a custom package for your specific needs.

Responsive design

Your website should be easily viewable on every device and offer users a comfortable experience.

User-friendly interface

It is important that your users are comfortable navigating your website and can quickly access the information they want.

fast loading

Your website should load fast. Fast loading websites are preferred by users.

SEO compatible

Your website should be easily indexable by search engines. In this way, you can rank higher in search engines.

Advantages of the website

5 Important Advantages of Having a Website Made to Stand Out in the Digital World

Nowadays, it is important to have a website to exist in the digital world where competition is intense and to make your business stand out. The numerous advantages of your website include increasing your brand awareness, enabling you to communicate better with your customers, making it easier for you to gain new customers, and more. If you want to elevate your business in the digital world, you are at the right place to have a website built.

Umbrella Digital Web

our packages


A basic one-page website for ideal boutique websites. An affordable option for Google ads.

  • Single page website design
  • Basic SEO compatibility
  • Mobile compatible design
  • Google Analytics integration


The home page contains all the pages required for a basic corporate website, such as about us, our services, contact.

  • 5 page website design
  • Full SEO compatibility
  • Mobile compatible design
  • Google Analytics integration


Ideal for a simple e-commerce site. An affordable option for boutique sellers. It includes basic features such as product management, cart and payment integrations.

  • 10 pages website design
  • Full SEO compatibility
  • Mobile compatible design
  • Product catalog design and management
  • Cart, payment and order management
  • Credit card and bank transfer payment options

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We increase your potential with our successful projects. From customized web designs to mobile applications, we offer tailored solutions to our customers in various industries. Discover your potential and check out our special projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most specific questions and answers we often hear from you

Umbrella Digital offers many digital advertising services such as digital transformation packages, corporate identity design, web design and social media account setup. It also offers various web design packages such as personal websites, corporate websites, single page websites and e-commerce websites.


Our Digital Transformation package for businesses includes corporate identity design, web design and social media account management. We work closely with businesses to understand their specific needs and create a package to help them achieve their goals.

Yes, we can create a package to suit your specific need. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their goals and enhance their digital presence, and we are committed to working with each client to create a package that meets their unique need.


By using the latest design trends and technologies and striving to closely understand our customers' needs and goals, we ensure the quality and effectiveness of our web design services. Our team of experts is committed to creating effective and visually interesting websites.


  1. Our brand identity creation process for businesses begins with a detailed consultancy to understand the needs and goals of the business, followed by research on the target audience and competition. We then create a custom brand identity that accurately reflects the business and differentiates them in their industry.


Yes, we can help with e-commerce website development. Our team of experts has extensive experience in creating high-quality e-commerce websites that are functional and visually interesting.